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I have been working in a daily Newspaper in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, amidst vineyards, close to the Olympic Games headquarters in Lausanne, and amongst world class gourmet restaurants in a land with breathtaking views of the Alps.

I moved to Australia because I fell in love with the wild landscapes and the feeling of freedom you get here, in the last remaining place on earth where you sense you can add your modest contribution to humanity.

I still work in the media industry in Australia, as a political correspondent for the French program on SBS Radio and for the economic section of European media as a freelance journalist. Though I specialise in politics and economics, my profession gives me opportunities to attend cocktail parties, try out restaurants, taste wines in cellars, discover the specialities prepared by the people involved. I love books, wine, food and passionate people whose contribution helps this world and the people to become, look, feel better.

More importantly, this experience has shown me that often the ones who make beautiful things don’t speak out. And it is not their job. Often, I meet those people because someone has heard of someone I should meet.

Now I would like to give voice to those whose work deserve to be known here in Australia. I keep my journalist ethics: those people don’t pay me to be on this blog. I don’t accept any gifts, except tastings.

I don’t criticize anyone’s work. If I don’t like it, I don’t remember it.

And if you know someone who knows an extraordinary person… please feel free to whisper his/her name.

3 Responses to My profile

  1. Hi There,

    Just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you I love your blog and your writing- and of particular interest to me is your current story on Raw Milk Cheese in Australia- a subject I am also very passionate about- maybe we can collaborate? Funnily enough, I’m an Australian in France so we have similar but opposite stories! I have just added your blog to my blogroll too.

    Bonne journée from the city of lights in springtime!

    • frenchozzie says:

      I would love to collaborate Rachel. It would be nice if you could meet someone who could defend the raw milk cheese in France, saying what he thinks about those bloody Yankees! Thank you for your compliment. Your blog is beautiful too. I like how you tell stories as in a cartoon, sharing experiments with strong personalities. Are you a journalist also? I am very curious to know how you managed to sit in a food jury! I would be happy to do the same here in Australia in order to discover more.

      Bonne journée Rachel sous le ciel de printemps,

  2. Lauren says:

    Hi Laurence,

    Have been reading your blog and love it – it was passed to me from the good people at Live in Canberra.
    Do you have an email address I can contact you on? Would love to keep you up to date with foodie related happenings that you might be interested in in Canberra and the surrounding region.

    Lauren – Threesides

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