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A journey in Jonathan’s conservatory of ancient apples

  At first glance, the visitor is transported in another world, as if he had passed the mirror of Alice’s wonderland. Behind the mirror, the Pialligo orchard appears like granny’s loft, fully packed with treasures stored randomly in a joyful … Continue reading

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Back to basics and peel burning hot chestnuts

Good food does not only rely on the art of the chef, but also on the quality of commodities. As part of their commitment, chefs are regularly investigating in order to track down the right providers. This is how Richard … Continue reading

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The unexpected French tablecloth in the Queensland hinterland

In a patisserie in Queensland, I was stunned to find the best lemon tart I have ever tasted. I discovered the place recently, in the quite isolated village of Cooroy, in the Noosa hinterland. It is called La maison de … Continue reading

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Some crocodile into Italian salami

Gino d’Ambrosio’s mum is the typical Italian cook. She bakes pizza, prepares pasta, rabbit ragout, salami and tiramisu for dessert for the 27 people of her family at gatherings. This shows what kind of a character she is and the … Continue reading

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