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Cheese and raw milk, the other point of view (Part II)

Two men, two philosophies. Nick Haddow on one side (last week’s post), defends the right to produce raw milk cheese. On the other side stands David Brown (picture) from Milawa Cheese company, in the North East of Victoria, nestled in … Continue reading

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Raw milk cheesemaking as a battle (Part I)

It is as if Nick Haddow, the cheesemaker was part of a Dostoyevski novel, far away in deep Siberia. Of a sturdy build, he has this determined posture which is very similar to the one of a Cossack posing for … Continue reading

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Macadamia oil, as good in the salad bowl as on the face

Macadamia oil is at least as good as olive oil, I was told. For me, this was quite difficult to swallow, having heard and read the best about the Mediterranean diet and the virtues of olive oil from physicians and … Continue reading

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Cherry wood and local pigs make good Australian ham

Leg ham, salami and sausages are the height of butcher’s art. I became aware of that fact one afternoon in a little Venetian shop, being caught in a passionate argument about salami processing. As he interrupted his colourful description of … Continue reading

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